Mfg. & Exp. of F.G. Insulation Mat. & Its Components

Pressboard Insulation Kit


Power transformer winding kits

Insulation winding kits comprise all the necessary components for assembling a winding. The aim of the winding kit is to have the insulation parts at hand or pre-mounted when manufacturing and assembling windings. Our insulation winding kits are a cost-effective solution that saves time and labor and solves the problem of limited floor space.
Product Scope
  • Power transformers
  • Reduces production and freight costs
  • Increases production capacity by minimizing lead times
  • Reduces storage costs for insulation materials

Power transformer components

Insulation components made from pressboard - such as angle rings (segments), chimney segments and moulded parts in the expelling area - allow optimal adaptation to the electric field conditions in the transformer. Our insulation components are suitable for use in oil-filled power transformers, due to their high purity, mechanical strength and ability to be impregnated with oil.
Our insulation components are produced using special processing procedures, which guarantee high compaction and dimensional stability. The excellent mechanical properties of the insulation material provide the required safety in the event of a short circuit.

Distribution transformer insulation

Insulation components for oil-filled distribution transformers stand out for their high purity, mechanical strength and oil impregnability.
We offer a full range of value-added machined parts made from pressboard and laminated pre-compressed pressboard. Our products are used for insulation, mechanical support and cooling channels in oil-filled distribution transformers. The parts include runners; wedges of trapezoidal, rectangular and other profiles; edge-rounded spacer strips of different sizes (made to customer specifications); and duct spacing and milled spacers with exceptionally low thickness tolerances.
Product Scope
  • Oil-filled distribution transformers
  • Compliant with IEC standards
  • Dimensions and tolerances as per customer drawings